CLIENT:Trusted asian Guide

DATE:26 Jun, 2018

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Trusted Asian guide are an asian wedding directory.
This was a very big project for me.
I originally picked this project up from a digital agency. The client had choosen a theme and had requested a wordpress website with a user functionality of Suppliers and customers.
However the website which was built was not what they wanted.
I started discussing with the clients and found that the functionality they wanted was alot more indepth, so I traveled across the UK and sat with the client to discussed their project indepth and together we came up with ideas for their project.
We then began the project from scratch and I worked with the client each day.

The website was still built on the wordpress platform as requested by the client.
The idea was suppliers would join the website and post images of their work. I built a custom theme which would show all suppliers images with an infinite scroll.
Images would have categories which suppliers would choose from (I.E Cakes, Venues, Entertainment). A filter of images was built so users could choose Category, location and some keywords. The keywords for each image are set by supplier when they upload their images, which users can also search by keywords and the results are then shown by most matches and filtered down.
Customers can message suppliers on the website with a custom built messaging system.
Suppliers each have a profile showing their images, pricing, locations and description.